What Former Students Have To Say…


“The bubble setup is great and helped me a lot in the AUDUSD trade over the last two weeks. Previously I would have been down a lot on that pair but due to the Bubble Trade I was up a little :).”

– Chris W.

“Rafael and Hugh’s concept and the whole course is just incredible, I would recommend any new traders to consider this course simply because of the options that can be derived from the concept of the course. I opened up a new world for me in my future trading. Money well spent.”

– Dong L.

 “I’m very happy that Hugh has teamed up with Rafael to tap into his wealth of trading knowledge. In a well thought out and professionally structured course, they present some fresh techniques to extract pips from the market. I am only at the tip of understanding the full potential of the Bubble Trading Strategy. It is very powerful and as Rafael notes, allows us to truly become trading artists.”

– Warren H., Canada

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“The BTS system brings a new concept to trading, I think it has great potentials and once one can grasp the concept very well, one can apply it to almost any ‘trading system’ and succeed.”

– Jeremy A.

“I plan to incorporate the entries for trade for the Vanilla Trade Up. It definitely will prevent me from having to look at the computer and bring some of the stress down.”

– Tracy L.