Rafael Veron

Rafael sets himself apart from the pack with his unique trading model. Not only does he have a wealth of experience – nearly two decades of trading experience, dealing in daily volumes as much as $100 million a day – he is also an expertly trained and certified practicing hypnotherapist. By integrating his training in hypnotherapy and psychosomatic stress management with his extensive trading experience, he has achieved greater success as a trader.

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He cut his teeth as a futures trader at a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) firm in Toronto. He has owned a firm specializing in raising capital for hedge funds that trade in a variety of instruments including fund of funds and long/short funds. He has established and traded futures funds for clients, which include family offices, hedge funds and proprietary funds in North America and globally.

Rafael Veron HeadshotHello, this is Rafael and I would like to share a personal story about me, why I feel trading can be taught and why I wanted to start Trade to Live Academy.

In 2006, I was issued a challenge at work. I had been a trader in the financial markets with more than 10 years experience, and the challenge was whether I could train a colleague to trade successfully.  That piqued my curiosity: was profitable trading a talent which belonged to the few or was it a transmissible skill?

With that question in mind, the experiment started.  I became a mentor to my colleague who watched my every move as I traded for various hedge funds. Soon enough, through market ups and downs, we traded as a team.  The initial capital that we started with not just doubled or quadrupled, it multiplied by much more over the course of the experiment.

I love trading and have made a success of it.  And now, I am absolutely passionate about sharing my expertise and skills.  If you love trading and want to make a better success of it through acquiring top-notch trading tools and secrets of trading psychology, this is the right place to be.  You’ll gain insights into trading psychology to use both intuition and intellect, so that you’ll have all the tools you need at your finger-tips.

By the way, my colleague also thought that the trading experiment was a huge success.  So huge in fact that she agreed to marry me. :)

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hk-bambooHi, welcome to the home of Trade to Live Academy. My name is Hugh Kimura and you may know me from my forex trading blog, Trading Heroes, which I have been running since 2007.

That blog started as a way for me to journal my trades and express my opinions about forex trading. I didn’t know any serious forex traders at the time and it was also my way of reaching out on the interwebs to find help and support from more experienced traders.

Over the years, Trading Heroes has grown to be so much more than my personal trading log. I’ve been able to interview professional traders, took down an international investment scam, started supporting a charity and have connected with some awesome people (who also happen to be traders) from around the world.

One such connection has been with a trader named Rafael Veron. He has been a tremendous personal trading inspiration to me and I am honored to be working on Trade to Live Academy with him. I am the Marketing Director on this site and Rafael is the Education Director.

Beyond my respect for him, what made me want to work with him was the fact that we both have a similar outlook on how trading should fit into a balanced life. In addition, his trading method – which he calls The Bubble Trading System – is unlike any of the forex trading systems that I have seen out there and I am excited to help him bring it to you.