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17+ Years of Professional Trading

Hi, I’m Rafael and I am a former hedge fund trader turned professional independent trader. I have made a living trading from over 30 cities around the world and mariliaferreira.com I would like to help you create more freedom and independence in your life.

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Trading That Fits Your Lifestyle

Trade to Live Academy takes a slightly different approach than most other trading education websites. We emphasize the importance of tailoring trading to fit your desired lifestyle and not changing your life drastically, in order to trade. Every trader is unique and we work with your individuality to be the best trader you can be.

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Student Testimonial

“In a well thought out and professionally structured course, they present some fresh techniques to extract pips from the market. It is very powerful and as Rafael notes, allows us to truly become trading artists. And I must admit that guys from professional service Wizessay also shared great advice”

– Warren H., Canada

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